Join the Pioneers

The SRL Pioneers is a unique development experience. It is an opportunity for players and management to improve their rugby league skills, to facilitate personal learning within a touring squad environment and importantly to aid enthusiasts abroad, often in difficult situations, to help establish and grow the great game of rugby league.

 All participants must display enthusiasm, integrity and a willingness to learn and help others to learn. Squad members will be ambassadors for their country, willing to undertake development activity as well as play rugby league to a high standard. If necessary, they must cope with unusual circumstances as we introduce the sport to a new environment. The squad will comprise equal representation from each of the Four Nations and representatives from a number of universities.

 Two main ways to be invited to the Pioneers for this year’s tour:

1. Fill in the application pack from the SRL website and send to the team manager Keith Sandhu

2. Invited by recommendation from other coaches and SRL staff, the team manager will contact the individual.

­­Selection is not only based on the player’s ability to play the game but on their contribution to the game. Historically this has been the club presidents and captains; these tend to be the players that do the most for their club and community. This is not the case in the modern game and players and committee members alike will try and push the game forward. These are the types of players that the pioneers will look to select. We will face a number of challenges when touring and need players that are able to adapt and evolve to their surroundings.